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graphic about offgrade chimney pots

Off Grade Clay Chimney Pots

An alternative, economic, and decorative solution.

Due to structural deficiencies, these pots can be upcylcled as decorative planters or for whatever else your imagination conjectures. Off grade pots are also called seconds.

Various defects in the manufacturing process result in these discards. Structural deficiencies can cause them to come apart by cracking and breaking. Therefore, they are unsafe for mounting to a chimney. To repeat, never mount an off grade pot to a chimney. The property damage and personal injury that could ensue would not warrant the risk.

Our supply of off grade pots is ever changing in quantities, styles, and sizes. So we recommend you call 1-800-679-8718 to learn about the current stock.

Rows of Edwardian clay chimney pots

Next, Edwardians (left), Kents (center), & Wellingtons (right):

Edwardian, Kent, & Wellington chimney pots

Then, Cathedral (pointed tops), Beacon (arch windows), Kensington, Hampshire (twisted roll) & Halifax models:

 Cathedral, Beacon, Kensington, Hampshire & Halifax chimney pot styles

We can ship pots directly to your location. Here are Edwardians on a pallet--almost ready to go!

Edwardian clay chimney pots on pallet