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The LED, which is technically called the Light-Emitting Diode has actually existed since 1962. The LED simply works by electrons recombining with holes in the device to release protons and thus generate light. This article focuses on the specifics of hardscape lighting, but applies to all LED lights no matter inside or out.

As energy demands become stricter so changes Hardscape Lighting. The LED light is a revolutionary transformation from its incandescent ancestor. To illustrate the differences, let us look at the IL 6 and IL 6 integral wall light. These are popular hardscape patio fixtures due to their ease of installation.

The IL6 costs 40% less than the IL6 LED. From first glance your consumer trained nature wants to kick in and shop for the lowest price. Re-evaluate the products first before the purchase. The IL6 uses 10 watts of energy the IL6 LED uses 2.4 watts. The IL6 bulbs last up to 10,000 hours ( roughly 1.5 years of constant use) the IL6 LED is guaranteed to last at least 10 years. With the lower consumption rate, and zero maintenance issues, the IL6 LEDís higher price tag seems easier and easier to cope with. When it comes down to the bottom line the question is do you want to save money up front or your pay a little more and set it and forget it.

The next issue is the light output, does the LED look the same as the incandescent? For this explanation I use the 10 and 10 rule. How does it look from 10 feet how does it look from 10 inches? From 10 inches the two lights do differ in the hue of light. The incandescent has more of the warm glow, the LED has a finer mute glow. As you pull back to 10 feet the patio lights looks more or less the same. The question here to ask is how often are you 10 inches from a hardscape patio wall light? For most like myself you turn the lights on and never really get very close to an particular light, they are there to accent your patio for a night time glow. Due to the wattage being lower on the LED, a standard transformer can accommodate more lights, and thus another hidden charge is diverted.

Energy is being deregulated and the LED comes out as a front runner. This revolutionary product will become an evolutionary change, replacing incandescent one by one. But during your next purchase simply weigh the pros and cons before forking over the cash.