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EaCo Chem Cleaners & Compounds

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One gallon bottle of EF-FORTLESS EF-FORTLESS

Counteracts Efflorescence - EF-FORTLESS removes white salt stains and retards future occurrences.

One gallon bottle of GS Restoration GS Restoration

Hazmat Charge $25.00
Stripper Cream Stripper Cream

Setup Cost: $25.00
One Gallon Bottle of LCS LCS

Strips sealers, stains & paint - LCS is also effective for graffiti removal.

Hazmat Charge $25.00
One gallon bottle of AcryliStrip coming soon AcryliStrip

Sealer, stain, and paint stripper - AcryliStrip is especially effective for removing layers of acrylic latex paint.

One gallon bottle of HD Britenol HD Britenol

Power wash - Use HD Britenol to clean wood, aluminum, vinyl, concrete, terra cotta, shingles, glass, brick, block or stone.

One gallon bottle of Calcite Presoak Calcite Presoak

Softens deposits - Calcite Presoak prepares masonry surfaces for calcium & water stain removal.

One gallon bottle of HD Degreaser HD Degreaser

Hazmat Charge $25.00
One gallon bottle of BOSS degreaser BOSS

Loosens oils stains - BOSS is an alkaline-solvent base oil spot remover. Great for removing food oil from exhaust hoods.

One gallon bottle of Polished Stone Cleaner Polished Stone Cleaner

Marble restoration - Polished Stone Cleaner safely removes smoke, heavy finger oils, sealers, polishes, and foot traffic tracks without harming marble surfaces.

One gallon bottle of Burn Restore Burn Restore

Restores glazed brick -  Burn Restore is used on smooth-face glazed brick that hydrofluoric acid products burn.

One gallon bottle of Smoke Melt Smoke Melt

Carbon cleaner - Smoke Melt addresses fire damage and rinses oil stains from metal, wood, or masonry.

One gallon bottle of ART coming soon A.R.T.

Restores anodized aluminum's luster - A.R.T. stands for Anodized Restoration Treatment and does just that!

One gallon bottle of NMD 80 NMD 80

Cleans new masonry - NMD 80 is an industrial strength detergent-based solution.

Hazmat Shipping Fee $27.37
Stripsol Stripsol

Stripsol will remove multiple layers of acrylics, deck sealers, polymer coatings, latexes, acrylic latexes, alkyds, enamels, oil-based stains, polyurethanes and other resin coatings.

One gallon bottle of white scum presoak White Scum Presoak

Pre-soak Softener - Calcite Presoak Gel removes heavy calcium deposits in preparation for using EF-FORTLESS.

Setup Cost: $28.00
55 gallon drum of NMD 80 NMD 80

Cleans new masonry - NMD 80 is an industrial strength detergent-based solution.

55 gallon drum of OneRestore OneRestore

Restore everything safely!

55 gallon drum of BurnRestore BurnRestore

Restore everything safely!

One gallon bottle of One Restore One Restore

All surface cleaner - OneRestore is a versatile Green Cleaner. Perfect for windows, garages, showers & more.

Price $59.95
One gallon bottle of Cleansol BC Cleansol BC

The acid neutralizer - Cleansol BC creates a neutral overspray. Effective for high-rise restoration work.

Our Price: $59.95
EaCo Chem, Inc. develops and manufactures powerful brushless cleaning solutions for the masonry, construction and transportation industries. The prime directive focus on brushless products helps contractors maximize profits, reduce liability costs while at the same time increasing productivity. EaCo Chemís products are among the best available and include new masonry detergents, restoration agents, paint strippers, house and deck cleaners, truckwashing soaps and a variety of specialty products.

EaCo Chemís roots go back to 1987 when the former East Coast Cleaning Supplies was founded by owner and operator Lynn Peden. In 1997, Peden and business partner Deborah Spik opened the Soap Plant, Inc., which manufactured and distributed all of East Coast Cleaning Companyís products. In 1999, with an eye toward national expansion, East Coast Cleaning Companyís name was changed to EaCo Chem, Inc. Today, EaCo Chem and the Soap Plant are located on 11 acres in New Castle, Pennsylvania, approximately 45 miles north of Pittsburgh.