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Interesting Looking Ballast Bricks

Picture of 4 Ballast Bricks

Downtown London and throughout old cobbled Europe, these clay bricks were hand-crafted and fired under extreme temperatures to achieve their sturdy nature. Soon after the clay hardened they were sent to the local ports for their Trans-Atlantic voyage. Used in the cargo ‘hold’ of ships for ballast (stability), the bricks quickly became known as ‘ballast bricks’.

After arriving at their destination in the New England ports of Providence and Boston, the ballast bricks were unloaded and replaced with fine goods for the return trip to England. Some of the bricks were used for the original construction of Colonial homes on the Eastern seaboard, while others were simply discarded into the harbors - never to be seen again.

Until now. Ballast Bricks have been reclaimed from historical building sites and excavated from the same harbors where they originally arrived. Specialty markets are a significant niche for ballast bricks as awareness grows.

Though these Colonial bricks may be hundreds of years old, they are versatile enough to be used in both traditional and contemporary applications. With their natural aged look, irregular surfaces and dense nature, ballast bricks are ideal for fireplaces, chimneys, surrounds, paver areas, and restoration projects.

Today re-purposing ballast bricks takes recycling to its fullest degree, don't you think?! If interested, let's talk: 800-679-8718.