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Custom Clay Chimney Pots

When you place an order with BuddingCo, skilled craftsmen immediately begin the painstaking task of accurately creating custom terracotta chimney pots for your home, business, museum, school, and more. No matter what your industry these terminal tops will be an architectural masterpiece.

Get inventive. Based on your drawings or photographs, new patterns can match your specific design details, taking into account your chimney flue or outdoor stove top dimensions.

Contact us at 1-800-679-8718 to learn more about custom clay chimney tops.

Shop through our inventory of over over 100 clay chimney pots.

Beaded Flue Clay Chimney Pots

Round Tapered Clay Chimney Pots

H-Type Clay Chimney Pots

Louvres Clay Chimney Pots


The majority of chimney pots and flue terminals are suitable for use with solid fuel open fires and appliances dependent on the cross- sectional area of the outlet.

Some traditional patterns may not meet all current requirements but have time proven performance characteristics.

Owing to the diversity in design and varied application the notes provided on limited and suitable application are for guidance only. Specifiers and installers must ensure that all products are suitable for the intended application and meet all appropriate regulations and installations requirements.